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Bex Lewis will be one of our speakers for this year's Premier Digital Conference, in this 60 second interview she shares how she's jumped from a plane at 20,000 feet, why she's passionate about communication and she gives us a snippet on what her session 'Left to their own devices' is going to be about.

Tell us an interesting fact about you

I’m writing this a few hours after it’s been confirmed that the breast cancer that I’m currently being treated for has not spread elsewhere! Otherwise I was going to say that I’ve been a bridesmaid 6 times, jumped from a plane at 20,000 feet, and scuba dived to 40 feet!


Why are you passionate about digital?

I’m passionate about people, and I’m passionate about communication, and digital is the latest environment in which communication happens. I’m passionate about understanding digital culture, not falling for ‘technological determinism’, and seeing past the negative media stories to understand how the digital can and is being used positively.


Name a hero of yours and why.

There are so many people who serve as an inspiration, at different times, spaces and contexts. One current hero of mine is Rev Kate Bottley, watching her poise, grace, strong witness and sheer fun, as she preaches Jesus in the harsh light of the media glare… all time retaining her friendly, and earthy, Yorkshire roots!


What can people expect from your session?

My session ‘Left to their own devices’ will reflect on some of the current media stories and scares about screentime and children, drawing upon research in/since Raising Children in a Digital Age (2014). It’ll offer a space for discussion of issues – as always, I’m more interested in are we asking the right questions, rather than offering black and white answers! I’m also looking forward to being on the panel ‘Marketing the Gospel: Can you? Should you?‘, which will do much as it says on the tin – look at whether Christians should use ‘marketing tactics and techniques’, or whether they are too much of a black art.


What most excites you about #PremDAC17 (other than your own session!)?

I’ve been involved in PremDac since the first conference in 2010, and I love the way it has grown. Digital is constantly evolving, and the conference evolves with it – and the strapline works – every year I leave inspired, equipped and more connected.


Booking info

Saturday 4th November
10am until 5:20pm
The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London

Ticket: £39
Multiple booking discounts available

Awards & Conference: £109


Bex Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing for the Manchester Metropolitan University

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