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Kelvin Golding will be one of our speakers for this year's Premier Digital Conference, in this 60 second interview he talks about being one of the world's first chartered marketers, the blessing and curses of digital marketing and what we can expect from his session at PremDAC 2017.


Tell us an interesting fact about you

I am one of the world's first Chartered Marketer's, and the only Christian (there must be more!) with a Master's degree in Theology, and an equivalent post-graduate qualification in Marketing.  God has recently given me a vision to grow MOST Marketing Ltd as a hybrid marketing agency/consultancy to support SMEs, offer ethical and best practice training in marketing for school/university leavers, and use profits to help Christian Businesses in the Third World with their marketing, as well as, fund ‘business/entrepreneurial missionary’ placements in countries where formal evangelism is not allowed or inappropriate.  FGB recorded my testimony as part of a UCB ‘Christians in Business Series’, for TV Interview see:


Why are you passionate about digital?

I have been involved with Digital Marketing for 20 years and in 1997 created a sector-first award-winning website. During the '' boom I was responsible for the digital marketing for a number of online businesses within an internet incubator for one the UK's largest venture capitalists. As a SME Marketing Specialist, Chartered Institute of Marketing Course Director and Industry Examiner in Digital and Social Media Marketing, I've seen the blessings and curses of digital marketing, and I am passionate about a channel that has opened up so many opportunities for Charities and SMEs when used effectively. It has allowed start-ups and small businesses to cost-effectively compete against larger organisations, identify niche opportunities, create engaged communities, and reach the unreached!


Name a hero of yours and why?

I don't really use the word ‘hero’, however, as a person called to be a Christian witness in the commercial workplace I get great inspiration from other Christians called to the marketplace to make a difference and witness. For me, the lives and work of the following are encouraging and aspirational: Henry Heinz (Heinz), John Cadbury (Cadbury Chocolate), Sam Walton (Wal-Mart), Henry Parsons Crowell (Quaker Oats), Anthony Rossi (Tropicana), Dave Thomas (Wendy's), Mary Kay Ash (Mary Kay Cosmetics), Truett Cathy (Chic-fil-A), David Green (Hobby Lobby), John Tyson (Tyson Foods), Asa Candler (Coca Cola), and Bill Hearn (EMI Records). I'd love to hear about your Christian heroes who work in the commercial workplace. If you are Christian who works in marketing then let’s connect on LinkedIn:


What can people expect from your session?

The session will focus on best practice with practical tips for Christian organisations wanting to use social media to engage, influence and convert customers/donors. The algorithm for social has changed and organic posts generally reach less than 5% of your followers, so what should you do to cost-effectively reach your target market and achieve a return on investment for your digital marketing?

Kelvin Golding FCIM FIDM is a Chartered Marketer, CEO of MOST Marketing Ltd, and a Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, as well as, an Examiner for Industry recognised Professional Qualifications in Digital & Social Media Marketing. Kelvin has extensive experience in creating, managing and executing digital and social media campaigns for various budget sizes across all major platforms. Kelvin’s session is be based on practical, hard won experience in marketing, not theory! All information is based on what actually happens in the real world and is highly practical so delegates will be able to apply what they learn in their work/professional lives immediately. Delegates will leave the session with a clear understand of how social media tools can work more effectively for their organisation, and new creative ideas with a practical path for what they need to do when returning to the office. The ‘must attend’ 40 mins session on how to maximise your digital marketing ROI will cover:

1. Social Media Marketing Overview
2. Organic v Paid for Social Media and its Role within the Digital Marketing Mix
3. How to get Started with Social Media Advertising (PPC/Display)
4. The 7 Steps to Success
5. Customer Journey, Sales Funnel, Attribution and Customer Experience
6. The Way Forward


What most excites you about #PremDAC17 (other than your own session!)?

#PremDAC is the largest and best digital marketing conference for Christians in the UK. For me it's an annual destination to meet and re-connect with industry brothers and sisters; an open environment to listen, learn and be reminded of key truths and practical tools; and see what God is doing within a world being disrupted and transformed by digital, and adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence.


Booking info

Saturday 4th November
10am until 5:20pm
The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London

Ticket: £39
Multiple booking discounts available

Awards & Conference: £109


Kelvin Golding is an experienced, qualified, professional and ethical multi- award winning senior Chartered Marketer with Executive Board experience from FTSE100 to SMEs.

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