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Tim Thornborough will be one of our speakers for this year's Premier Digital Conference, he shares a bit about his past as a ballet dancer, his passions about the digital world and the 'ordinary' heroes in his life. 


Tell us an interesting fact about you

I am one of the world's first Chartered Marketer's, and the only Christian (there must be more!) with a Master's degree in Theology, and an equivalent post-graduate qualification in Marketing.  God has recently given me a vision to grow MOST Marketing Ltd as a hybrid marketing agency/consultancy to support SMEs, offer ethical and best practice training in marketing for school/university leavers, and use profits to help Christian Businesses in the Third World with their marketing, as well as, fund ‘business/entrepreneurial missionary’ placements in countries where formal evangelism is banned.  FGB recorded my testimony as part of a UCB ‘Christians in Business Series’, for further background see: 


Why are you passionate about digital?

The reformation we are currently remembering was an idea that changed Europe 500 years ago, and brought the gospel of grace back into prominence, when it had been buried in church “stuff” for centuries. It spread because of a new-fangled invention called the Printing Press. Today we are in the middle of a remarkable change, that none of us has quite yet grasped the significance of. Christians need to be not only engaged with new media channels as they come and go, but also able to step back from the detail and see where the big picture is taking us as a society, and as individuals—and crucially how the Gospel of Grace can be made known through them in new and powerful ways. It is the gospel that remains the power of God for Salvation—however it is delivered to others.


Name a hero of yours and why?

Director: Stanley Kubrick; Screenwriter: Joss Whedon; Preacher: Tim Keller; Writer: But away from the limelight, I have a whole line up of “ordinary heroes” — Christians who have sown into my life in faithful and loving ways over the years, from my youth-group leader who led me to Christ over 40 years ago, to the many pastors and friends who have helped me in my walk with Jesus. These people are far more important than the “big names” listed above.


What can people expect from your session?

Plenty of practical ideas on how to publish and distribute an e-book — but more importantly, some good focussed thinking on why you want to do it, and how to do something of value for God’s kingdom through this.


What most excites you about #PremDAC17 (other than your own session!)?

Last year was the first time I came to PremDac, and I was thrilled to find so many people who were committed to making Jesus know in the digital world. I love the way that the conference not only gives practical tools for expressing ourselves and communicating, but also gets us to think hard about the theological foundations for communicating God’s truth through new media channels.


Booking info

Saturday 4th November
10am until 5:20pm
The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London

Ticket: £39
Multiple booking discounts available

Awards & Conference: £109


Tim Thornborough is the Creative Director at The Good Book Company. He is series editor of Explore Bible-reading notes, and has contributed to many books published by the Good Book Company and others. 

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