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5 minutes with...Girl Got Faith

Emma Borquaye founder of Girl Got faith tells us what winning two Premier Digital Awards means to her and her team and why we shouldn't stop pursuing a project because someone else is already doing it.

What inspired you to create Girl Got Faith?


I was looking online to see if there were any good websites I could point a few girls to that had come to me for a bit of life/faith/relationship advice, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. There was nothing that was easy to read, relatable and helpful whilst still being aesthetically pleasing for the modern teen. I noticed there was a need in this area, so I thought perhaps I should do something about it! I started Girl Got Faith on November 1st 2015 as the teen girl’s guide to faith, beauty and lifestyle. I want the website to convey in a relevant way that God cares about what you care about, because cares about you, so there’s no need to compartmentalise your life but instead you can involve God in all your interests even if they aren’t necessarily church related!


What was your first reaction when you heard you won the Multi-author Blog of the Year and Up and Coming Awards?


Well when I accepted the award I think I said 'wowzas!'...and that's exactly how I felt! I was totally overwhelmed. The Multi-Author Blog award was announced straight after the up and coming award, so we were still reeling in our shock and excitement when we heard the words ‘Girl Got Faith’ again! To win both awards was the best surprise ever.


What does winning these awards mean to you?


Its beyond incredible. We have 18 writers now that regularly provide content for Girl Got Faith, and so to win the multi-author blog of the year award is amazing as it’s like a celebration of everyone’s passion, honesty and creativity. The Up and Coming Award is really encouraging for us and we have made a promise to live up to the title and do some amazing things in 2017!


How has winning the category impacted your work?


It really inspires us to continue doing all that we do to the best of our ability. We hope that through this we are able to reach so many more young people.


What are your plans for Girl Got Faith in 2017?


Girl Got Faith is reaching more and more people on a daily basis, and we want to continue publishing content that meets the interests of every teen girl. We also had our first event a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Girl Got Faith’s first birthday. It was a great success and amazing to meet so many of our readers and followers face to face, so we plan on doing more exciting events in 2017!


How important is the Premier Digital Conference in today’s modern Christian community?


Digital media is here to stay, so it’s great for Christians to be equipped with the right tools and information that they need to use it successfully. I heard a quote recently that said “the method changes but the message stays the same”. I think we have an amazing opportunity to impact the world on a broader scale through being more connected than ever before. It’s also important to meet people where they are at. For Girl Got Faith, our audience spend more time online than any other age group, so online is where we will meet them! We want to impact them in their own worlds.


What advice would you give to Christians with a digital project or idea that they want to launch?


Just go for it! Often what stops people from doing something is the thought that someone else is already doing it so you’ve missed your chance. But that’s totally not true. There is always room for more, and the online world in particular is often so dark, it’s important for us to fill it with as much light and influence as we can. There can never be too much good stuff!


How can people get in touch with you?


They can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @girlgotfaith and on twitter @girlgotfaithmag or drop us an email info@girlgotfaith.com

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