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5 minutes with...The Lily Jo Project

Winner of the Best Use of Digital Media award, Lily Jo, shares how winning the award has given her site the 'stamp of approval' and why it's crucial for Christians to keep learning in this digital age.

What inspired you to create The Lily Jo Project?


I launched my solo music career in 2014 and amazingly got signed to an independent record label ‘Light Music’ shortly after.  My songs were inspired by the people I had met within the counselling room, (I worked as a counsellor five years previously) and I found myself writing about hope and freedom. These songs were resonating with people at my shows and people were queuing to talk to me afterwards, thanking me and explaining their issues and concerns.

I was moved to create a resource that I could leave with each individual. A place where they could go to, anonymously and find information, top tips, advice, recommended self help resources, and if necessary find a counsellor in their area through the ‘more help’ section.


What was your first reaction when you heard you won the award for Best Use of Digital Media?


All the other websites that were within my category are to such a high standard that it was just a total shock! I didn’t expect to win!!


What does winning this award mean to you?


Winning has opened up more opportunities for The Lily-Jo Project. I’ve connected with some really key people. Since winning the award I’ve been approached by numerous gorgeous girls who have offered to volunteer for the site, which just means more hands on deck. To build my own team is just such a brilliant privilege and if I’m honest, wasn’t part of the plan, but it is now!


How has winning the category impacted your work?


Winning the award has given me the confidence to believe that ‘I can do this’, that the site is viable and good enough. To be able to say that The Lily-Jo Project is an award-winning resource, just gives it a stamp of approval.


What are your plans for The Lily Jo Project 2017?


I have BIG plans for 2017. If they all come to pass I will be a very happy lady! I am currently working on getting charity status for the project, which will unlock further funding to execute my plans. Watch this space!


How important is the Premier Digital Conference in today’s modern Christian community?


I’m a big believer in life being one long lesson. It’s so important to keep learning. The Premier Digital Conference is a place to equip, upskill and help to keep the Christian community current and relevant in a fast paced technically advancing world.


What advice would you give to Christians with a digital project or idea that they want to launch?


Firstly I’d say make sure there is a need for what it is you are trying to create. Secondly, If like me you aren’t technically gifted but have a good idea, work with someone who is really good. I was lucky to work with Pete Wall from Light, who is excellent within his field. Its important to recognise your weaknesses and find people who are strong in those areas to help you and fill the gaps.


How can people get in touch with you?


My email is: thelilyjoproject@gmail.com . You can also contact me through my website www.thelilyjoproject.com (by selecting the icon you wish to connect with me on at the bottom of the page; instagram, facebook, snapchat, twitter). Whilst you are on my site please do subscribe to my mailing list to stay connected with all the exciting things coming up in 2017.

I’d love to connect with anyone who wants to intern or volunteer at The Lily-Jo Project. I’d also love to connect with potential investors, people who are passionate about eliminating the stigma that is attached to mental health issues.

I am available to perform at your events, your school assemblies, lessons, festivals, promoting positive emotional well being. Connecting with people is my favourite thing, so don’t be a stranger!

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