Six reasons to consider a Christian agency for your next project

So you are going to create a website or application to promote your organisation and your passion. You have a good idea of what you want and who your audience is. Now you need someone to make that dream into a reality.

Before you ask for recommendations and make your shortlist, now is the time to ask yourself whether you want to choose a Christian agency?

The company you choose are going to be in your life for a number of weeks as you work together to discuss your brief and for the project build itself. For most clients it is the start of a long term relationship as the agency will be offering you longer term support and project developments and changes as time goes on. Because it is a big investment it is worth looking at it prayerfully as well as practically.

When discussing what a Christian agency is with friends, I found there are so many opinions that are different to my own. The question of what defines an agency as ‘Christian’ is quite a meaty topic to explore. So for the purpose of this article, a Christian agency is one that is run on the principles and culture of the Christian faith.


So why should you consider choosing a Christian agency?


Sharing Kingdom Values


There is something to be said for working alongside a company who understands where you are coming from. You start the relationship on a solid grounding of mutual faith, making it easier to begin a relationship and get a feel for each other as client and business.


Experience and Insight


A Christian agency will have experience in working with other Christian organisations and charities. This means they will be able to use their experience, knowledge and insight to give you feedback on your ideas and to guide you to solutions you may not even have thought of.


Working with an agency who can understand your vision


If you have a business who can come alongside you and really get to grips with your vision with the skills needed to make it a reality, well, that’s an extremely exciting place to be. You want a team to get behind your vision to push you forward and who sees your success as something to be celebrated.


Serving and stewardship


A Christian agency will be thinking of how they can serve you best and balancing this with how they steward theirs and your resources. In practical terms this means they will be thinking of how to make the most of your investment, to make it go as far as possible and work most effectively with you. This is also balanced against the practicalities of managing and looking after its employees so they are satisfied and motivated in their work.


Advice from a technical and spiritual viewpoint


The combined benefits of previous experience, technical knowledge and spiritual insight means that a Christian agency can guide you through the project and beyond. 



Get behind you in prayer


As well as working on your site, having a business that cares about its clients and who will pray with you can be a real benefit.


When you approach an agency to talk about what you want, let them delve a little deeper into your brief, it’s a good thing. This will allow them to understand your organisation better and may discover options you haven’t considered that are worth exploring. It gives you a chance to get to know them better to make an informed decision.

In terms of practicalities, it is good for both parties if you have an agreed brief before the work takes place to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Spending time at the beginning to allow the agency to get to grips with what you want means that you reduce risks of  misunderstandings and helps to provide you with an upfront cost.

Whether or not you choose a Christian agency to work with is up to you. Ultimately, you want to feel confident that you are going to be with an agency which represents you. Even after doing all your homework, I would recommend praying and if you feel a certain agency is going to provide you with the best service and support to make your ideas a reality, go for it!



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