5 Email Marketing Tips

When you send an email, it will only be opened by a certain percentage of people. This percentage is known as an open-rate, and here are some things that can bring that up!

1. Your subject line

This shouldn't surprise you - it's the first thing that people see in their inbox! If this isn't compelling or eye-catching then your email might never be opened, regardless of the rest of the points below. Keep it short and sweet, not cheesy, and maybe even add their name.

2. Who you send to

Do you really need to send that email to everyone? You could send a more relevant message based on say location or gender.

3. Automation

What do you do when someone makes a donation, subscribes to your emails, books a ticket for an event? Consider sending an automated (or triggered) email. These are more timely, and as a result are more likely to be opened.

4. Lists

You need to take a look at the list(s) of emails that you actually have. Are you sure all those emails are still valid? Check to see if you have old email addresses in there, or email addresses for people you no longer need or want to send to.

5. Poor engagement

This will only really effect you if you're a larger organisation, but if you consistently send to people who aren't engaging with your emails there is an increased chance that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) won't even deliver your email.

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We hope this list helps! If you want to read more, then read the original list from unbounce on which this article was based.

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