Digital Fundraising - an introduction

There are more ways than ever before to raise money online. That can be empowering for charities, especially those with limited budgets, but it can also be hard knowing where to begin. Here, sector experts and charities offer advice on how to approach fundraising through the internet and email... 

In terms of online fundraising, your website will be the obvious place to start. It’s important not to consider your online strategy in isolation, though. “A charity’s website should support all of its fundraising activities, most of which will be offline,” says Howard Lake, Publisher of UK Fundraising.

Rachel Beer, Founding Partner of agency Beautiful World, agrees that online fundraising is about more than simply presenting visitors to your website with a “donate” button (although of course that’s vital too). “To raise funds online, it is critical that you develop powerful, tangible appeals. You should feature these on your website, so anyone visiting your site, who may consider making a donation, has a strong rationale to do so.” In other words, a website will only be as effective as the content on it in terms of raising funds.

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