Social Media Regulation and Policy

How are you making sure that you are 'doing' social media properly and consistently? 

If you’re in a church, charity or organisation you will have started or at should have thought about using social media to promote your activity. First of all, that is fantastic! You will reach so many more people, communicating with users in real time in a place where many will visit every single day. But whether it’s just you or you have a team of people responsible for updating and communicating through social media, how are you making sure that you are doing things properly and consistently?

Consider laying down a few basic ground rules. These could be as simple as the formality of language you will use, or rules for what to do if you receive negative feedback.

Have a look at the article below to help you develop a social media policy that will be great for your organisation and will help you stay within the law:

Social Media Regulation and Policy on

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