Making games is child’s play

If you are fielding the latest “I’m bored” cry from a child whilst wanting to make sure their screen time is as healthy as possible you could do far worse than encourage them to make an online game.


Scratch is a free online game maker that is easy to learn, fun to use and a great way to teach kids (8-16) the principles of coding without them having to actually code.

All you need to do is visit their website and sign up for an account; you make the games in the browser so there isn’t a need to download anything.

Scratch comes packed with characters, backgrounds, objects and sounds to use so you can get going straight away.

As soon as you log in a step by step guide will open up on the right hand side to help you get started. If you will be using this with a younger child then it might be beneficial to spend 20 mins becoming familiar with the system before showing it to them.

Once you are done you can share you game with others for them to enjoy.

Happy game making!


Want to take things further?  For adults and older teenagers check out Game Salad, it’s free to download and whilst following similar principles to Scratch, allows to actually make games you could sell in the App Store or Google play.

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