Can you be real in the real world?

Sharing our faith would be so much easier if people in our society today would talk about their worries, fears and beliefs openly but most people find those things hard to speak about face to face... 

Showing vulnerability and uncertainty is one step too far for many, but some sites have found that people will be more real online than they are in the real world.

Groundwire is a new Mission offering anyone the opportunity to chat (by typing) online with a Christian Spiritual Coach 24hrs/day, 7 days/week. We do not provide a professional counseling service but we do seek to show people the hope that comes from knowing Jesus. We find that many are happy to share their worries, doubts, fears and questions in this none threatening anonymous environment and we are able to introduce them to Jesus, helping them to understand more about Him, and encouraging them to go to a church.

In this work we regularly see people believe in Jesus for the first time and others return to faith after years of walking away from Him. We have seen unbelievers starting to go to church and committed Christians begin the process of getting free from secret sins they have carried alone for many years. People have questions, and when we provide somewhere they feel comfortable to ask them, where they feel cared for and loved, our experience shows that they will come and open their lives to us in ways often unimaginable in 'normal' life.

Groundwire is the only service of it's kind in the UK. We are looking to work with churches and organisations to enable them to offer 'chat now' from their website or on literature they give to those they are seeking to reach out to. We want everyone to know there is someone who cares, who they can chat with online - someone who can help them find peace with God and peace in the storms of life. We are also looking for more volunteer coaches to share hope with those who need our help. The direct link to the section of our website for those that want to find out more about being involved is christian and the web address for those that need to chat is

The internet has now become the natural place where people go looking for answers. Jesus has provided us with this new tool for evangelism and we need to make use of it by being available online - not just with information, but as real people having real conversations - bringing hope online.

Sometimes, people are more themselves online than they are in the real world, something worth considering in all your online conversations. Have a look at your personal or church website, is it warm, welcoming and personal? Find out more about the Groundwire project at

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